Meet Andres Amador, brilliant beach artist, whose creations have ignited a new appreciation for art.

 If you live in the bay area, you might be fortunate enough to catch him in action. 

But you have to be really lucky because his creations will wash away in a matter of hours.

Armed with just a rake, Andres spends a few hours working on his creations.

He is comfortable with the idea that his works of art are temporary.

For him, the enjoyment is in the process and wowing people.

Some of his works have spanned 90,000 square feet.

He says he's usually limited by tide and beach constraints.

When asked why he does this? His response...

"The unanswerable question! It's fun. I get to be at the beach."

Andres works with people in  team bonding creative outings.

How does he etch the designs in the sand?

During low tide, Andres rakes the sand to expose wetter sand thus causing a color contrast between the raked and unraked sand.

If you've enjoyed these works, you can show your support by liking his facebook page. Also, make sure to visit his website to buy prints or if you're interested in hiring him for any of the services he offers.

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