Located near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi Province, Hua Shan is one of China's 5 Great Mountains. Every year people from around the world make the trek over to Hua Shan and painstakingly scale this magnificent mountain.

Let's begin our journey....

Hua Shan Mountain - Heavenly Stairs
Hua Shan Mountain - Heavenly Stairs

The grueling trek begins by climbing hundreds of steps. These two vantage points show the "Heavenly Stairs" -  one taken (top) in the summer up close and the other (bottom) taken in the winter at a distance.

heavenly stairs

Another look at the steep climb up the "Heavenly Stairs", which is surprisingly the easiest part of the trip.

Canglong Ridge - Hua Shan Mountain China

After the Heavenly Stairs, Canglong Ridge (aka Black Dragon Ridge), is Part Two of the climb. Now the grade becomes even steeper than the Heavenly Stairs.

Hua Shan Mountain

After Canglong Ridge you cross Jinsud Pass. This represents part 3 of the arduous journey up the mountain. At the end of Jinsud Pass there is a fork and you choose between the West Peak and the South Peak. Most play it safe and head towards the West Peak. The brave take the South Peak.

Summer and winter at Hua Shan Mountain China

A side-by-side  look at the difference between Jinsud Pass during winter and summer.

rail cars to Hua Shan Mountain China

Rail cars bringing throngs of adventure-seekers.

                               The treacherous South Peak.

Hua Shan Mountain China

To move along the mountain you place your feet in those small grooves. 

Plank - Hua shan mountain

Then you have to walk the plank. Very very carefully.

This is what supports thousands of people from falling thousands of feet. Wood and nails.

Watch the entire video to see what happens

Huashan mountain

Whatever you do, Don't Look Down!! Yowza

Hua shan mountain china


Hua shan mountain china

Chinese translation "oh my god!..oh my god!...oh my god!...oh my god!"

Hua shan mountain

All the way at the top of the Southern Peak is a Taoist Temple that was converted to a tea-house.

hua shan tea-house china

Would you make this treacherous journey to end up at a tea-house? I don't like tea that much.

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