Like many cat-lovers, we do our best to make our cats happy. 

But what if you could give your cat its own little piece of heaven? 

Well, now you can. All you need are 2 things: love and lots of money.

You'll need a lot more of the latter because I'm pretty sure the German Company,, doesn't accept the former.

Goldtatze specializes in making walkways and what looks like obstacle courses.

Goldtatze is German for Gold Paw, and was started by Stefan Hofman inspired by his cat Mowgli.

Stefan was unhappy with the lack of space for his beloved Mowgli.

So he started by building a walkway and that is how Gold Paw was born.

The company produces towers, scratching posts, suspension bridges, and little kitty club houses.

This is everything a cat could ask for and more.

These are custom made items.

What a view.

To see more of these wonderful creations visit them on facebook. Also, check out their website,, if you're in the market for this furniture. 

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