It's a sad fact of life that homeless dogs outnumber homeless people by a 5 to 1 margin. All of us have encountered stray dogs at some point in our lives while out and about. In many towns the problem has gotten so bad that many dogs are unrecognizable.
This Cavalier King Charles - a breed of dog known for being friendly, affectionate and good with children -  was found wandering the streets of Montreal,Quebec Canada.

When the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals noticed him at first they though he was a discarded toy or even a pile of trash. They went a little close and were blown away. They carefully picked him up and transported him to their facility.

More than 50% of his size was due to caked on mud and an accumulation of various other dirt deposits from a lifetime of neglect.

He was fearful of the razor but the professional caretakers did a masterful job cutting and trimming. Progress is being made.

Now he's starting to look more like a dog.

So much decrepit fur. Absolutely astonishing.

Almost there....

And the transformation is complete! Simply Amazing!!

Before and after. Hard to believe it's the same dog.

Awww... How cute.                      source-dailymail

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