Meet Harlow and Indi, two of the cutest dogs you've ever seen in your life. 

Individually they are simply awesome but what happens when they pose together for amazingly gloritastic pictures? 

You get double the awesome times twelve which equals awesomeness to the 24th power! 

That seems about right. I did ace college math after-all. 

1.    Being this cute is absolutely exhausting.

2. I have no words...

3. Awww ... what a face!!

4. So serious

5. Shhh... it's nap time.

6. Look at those eyes

7. Simply precious

8. Yum

9. Nap time part deux

10. My soul just melted... I need a bucket to clean up the mess.

11. Spectacular

12.   Have you ever seen a more adorable selfie in your entire life? Me neither.


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